Helen & Sons is a well-known service provider of pro service in the SAIF zone. We are also amongst the top 10 accounting and auditing companies in SAIF Zone

Well-known as SAIF Zone, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is one of the most exclusive Free Zones in the UAE. It is easy to open a business in SAIF Zone since the area grants business opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs. A business setup advisor can guide you through processes like Company Liquidation in SAIF Zone and Company Closing in SAIF Zone. Business setup in SAIF offers you the benefits of global connectivity, resource-rich strategic location, freedom of foreign ownership, and tax benefits. Settled in 1996 and located next to Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone) is just 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport. The business setup consultants can offer you the best PRO Services SAIF Zone. Before setting up a business in this free zone, it is important to hire a SAIF Zone Approved Auditor or a reliable business setup company. The business setup consultants in the SAIF zone makes the business setup procedure a hassle-free process for you.

SAIF ZONE License Types

1.Commercial License

Firms that carry out operations in the field of Import, Export, Distribution, consolidation, storage, or warehousing of items specified in the license. The maximum limit is three similar product lines.

2.General Trading License

A general trading license is similar to a commercial license, although that allows a comparably larger number of product lines when compared to commercial licensing.

3.Service License

A service license permits its holder to grant services that are mentioned in the license contract. Service license authorizes the holder to carry out service specified in the license only within the SAIF-Zone.

4.Industrial License

An industrial license presents with its holder the authority to import raw materials from other nations, alter into consummate goods, and ready them for sale.

Our Role

We at HELEN AND SONS assists you with all the help to make your business setup happen. Our experts will take care of your entire licensing, banking, legal, and visa formalities. We take care of each little detail and guide you through the entire process.

Documents for renewing of SAIF ZONE Company

  • Original Trade License
  • Audit Report
  • P.O Box Renewal Receipt
  • License Renewal Fee
  • Authorization letter to collect renewed license

Closing Company in SAIF Zone

Closing Company in Saif zone is initiated by submitting Board Resolution to liquidate the company.

If any of these original documents are lost or misplaced, the client or his PRO can obtain a lost record certificate from Police Station and submit it in Freezone. Upon submission of all these documents, Freezone will initiate the facility clearance process. In the meantime, NOC from Port and Customs, etc. shall be collected. Auditor Certificate for Liquidation showing no liability for the company has to be submitted. All the visas under the company have to be canceled. After the liquidation process, the client will get back refund if there is any balance in company accounts.


1. Closure request letter & Board Resolution – Board Resolution should be signed by all the directors of the company.

2. SAIF Zone Liquidation Fee

3. Requirement of Clearances Letter

a) Clearance letter from the SAIF ZONE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT.

b) Clearances from the Visa department.

c) Clearance certificate from the SAIF ZONE CUSTOMS.

d) Clearance certificate from Post Office.

4. Auditor Liquidation certificate

5. Settlement of all outstanding payments

with Finance & Accounts MOA, Certificate of Incorporation. Investment Service Agreement, Share Certificate etc.

6 Refund request letter. if any credit balance/lease deposit is there.

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