Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Fujairah Creative City Free zone

FCC was launched to attract regional as well as international broadcast TV or radio providers to Fujairah. It was established by the Fujairah Media as an alternative to Dubai Media City, in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from that, this area also provides creative media-related services. You can hire a Business Setup agent in Fujairah or a business setup advisor to make the Business Setup in a Free Zone a hassle-free process.

The first phase of the development of the Fujairah Creative City Free zone secured USD50 million. The free zone will be located alongside the Sheikh Khalifa Highway and will be a 200,000 m2 complex. If you have concerns regarding how to set up a business bank account or how to open a company bank account, you can avail yourself services from business setup consultants in Fujairah.

The first phase of the development of the Fujairah Creative City Free zone was completed in 2007.


1.Management of broadcasting


3.Marketing and Media Services




7.Information Technology Services


9.Music and Entertainment


  • advanced infrastructure
  • Simple procedures for staffing and recruitment
  • Efficient communication
  • The timely as well as the efficient immigration process
  • Visas and Sponsorship for an affordable skilled workforce
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • State-of-the-art communication system
  • 100% free transfer of funds and no foreign exchange controls
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Liberal economic policies and legal framework
  • Total safety for investors
  • Exemption from import/export duties and low freight charges
  • cost-effective investment facilities
  • Reduced infrastructure investment cost
  • Investor-friendly governmental policies
  • No restriction on the recruitment of foreign employees
  • Diversified investment opportunities like investing in tourism, agriculture, and other sectors



The package offers you the benefit of having an office space that meets your requirements and needs, at competitive rates.

Services Included:

1.Availability of up to 12 visas

2.Trade license valid for 1 year

3.Processing time: 6-7 working days

4.Establishment card valid for 1 year

5.Office lease agreement at Creative City Free Zone, Fujairah for 1 year


The baby Business package is designed for helping small businesses in Fujairah free zone. These businesses can benefit from an easy company set-up process due to minimized overhead costs. Apart from that this provides small companies with up to 6 visas to help them effectively operate a business in the UAE.

Services Included:

1.Establishment card valid for 1 year

2.Trade license valid for 1 year

3.Availability of 3 visas

4.Office Desk Facility (services include free in-house PRO services/P. O. Box)

5.Processing time: 6-7 working days


A commercial license package was developed for all startup businesses that need their business to have simple, easy, and fast steps for any visa.

Services Included:

1.Trade license valid for 1 year

2.no hidden charges

3.Processing time: 6-7 working days

4.No visa availability

5.No additional costs

6.No monthly fees


The commercial license package is designed for all entrepreneurs and individual startup business owners who need to start their business in simple, easy as well as fast steps with the need for any visa.

Services Included:

1.Trade license valid for 1 year

2.No monthly fees

3.Processing time: 6-7 working days

4.No visa availability

5.No additional costs

Documents needed for Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zone

1.A valid operating business license

2.A resolution from the Board of the company

3.Articles of Association from the UAE embassy

4.Attested Memorandum

5.Photocopies of passport and 2 photographs of the shareholders, person-in-charge, and directors

Our Role

HELEN AND SONS, renowned as the Best Consultancy Company and the Best Company formation specialist in Fujairah Free Zone, allows you to set up a business hassle-free. We help you to set up your business in Fujairah Creative Zone or Fujairah Free Zone, bypassing all the red tape. Our professional experts have the required knowledge about the local market as well as the government policies. Our Consultancy in Fujairah is a reliable business setup company that offers the best consulting experience to help you start your venture with ease. Contact us and get started today!

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