A guide to get start your Import Export Business in Dubai

As one of the world’s busiest global trade centers, Dubai is an ideal place to start an import-export business. It offers a wide range of trading opportunities and access to a large international market. The city also has plenty of incentives for foreign companies, including tax breaks and the ability to open bank accounts and credit cards in less than a week. Customs and regulations are also much simpler in Dubai, allowing businesses to get started quickly and easily. However, it is important to be aware of the regulations and procedures involved in import-export business setup in Dubai.

Trade activities are crucial to the Dubai economy

The UAE economy is highly dependent on trade activities. It is the country’s main source of revenue and foreign exchange earnings. The UAE is also one of the world’s top five trading nations, with a total trade value reaching near 30000 AED million in 2022. The country’s major trading partners are Saudi Arabia, the US, China, India, and Japan. With its strategic location along the Strait of Hormuz, the UAE has emerged as a trading hub in recent years. Its geographical location makes it an ideal transit point for trade between Asia, Europe, and Africa. Aside from being an important trading partner for other countries, the UAE also enjoys strong diplomatic ties with many countries. The UAE’s vibrant economy relies on trade activity to generate wealth and foster economic growth.
Now let us give you an overview of what is needed to kick start your import-export business in Dubai.

Registering your Import Export Business in the UAE

Starting a company in Dubai is easier than ever with the Dubai Department of Economic Development’s new business registration procedure. Starting a business in Dubai does not require much capital, but you do need to make sure to register your business with the DED. There are expert business consultants in Dubai who can help you with this service.

Getting a business license for import and export in Dubai

The foreign businesses need to acquire import-export licenses in Dubai before starting the export business. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Dubai issues them. You need to complete all the formalities to get this license.

Think about office space for rent or maybe a Flexi-desk

It is common to obtain a physical office space once you have obtained the import-export license. The cost of leasing an office can come up to 5,000 Dirham’s per month. A Flexi-desk option is another possibility, so you can eliminate renting a large space.

To run a Import Export Business in Dubai you need a trade license

Dubai embassy or consulate in your origin country could be the best place to apply for a trade license. Once you have completed your trade license, you can apply for a trade license in the Department of Economic Development in Dubai as well. The trading license can be anywhere from 3000 AED to 10,000 AED depending on the type of business.

Know custom requirements in Dubai

Dubai’s import-export business is one of the most lucrative in the world. Before deciding to import products in Dubai, you should be aware of the import custom procedure.

Make sure you have an approved visa

To conduct business in Dubai, you must first obtain a visa. You can have one of these visas, transit visas which are valid for 14 days and allow you to move goods within a specific period. An import-export visa is valid for 30 days and allows you to move goods between nations. A resident visa is preferable if you want to live and work in UAE for the long term.

Join the UAE’s leading Business solution providers

Operating a business in Dubai can be overwhelming. Many business owners struggle to set their businesses up in Dubai in the right way or to find the best way to achieve business success. We are the best Business Consultants in Dubai who can help business owners meet their goals and requirements to start a business in UAE. Our high-quality services have helped the company grow and expand within the Dubai region. Our export and import solutions are effective and reliable.

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